Read This Before Selecting an Executive Suite for Your New Law Firm


Read This Before Selecting an Executive Suite for Your New Law Firm

Read This Before Selecting an Executive Suite for Your New Law Firm

The executive suite from which you launch your law firm will set the standard for your brand, the clients you will serve, and your work lifestyle. Leasing an office space is no small decision. Keep the following topics in mind when assessing your office space needs.

1. The Location: Determine the accessibility/ease of commuting to your common workday spots.

  • Based on your practice area, are your ideal clients within a reasonable distance?
  • Is the office close to mailing facilities? How about major roads and interstates, the airport, hotels, and restaurants in the event an out-of-town client comes for a visit? How about the courthouse
  • If you plan on picking your children up from after-care, how far is their school? How about your home?

2. The Policy: Determine the financial feasibility of the space by getting down to the details of your office lease.

  • How long is my lease? What is included?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • What additional charges can be incurred?
  • How is the office space securing my private office area?
  • Who do you speak to if I have an issue?

3. The Building: Determine if the shared office space aligns with the level of service you want to provide your clients.

  • Is the parking for the building paid, permit, or free?
  • Upon entering the office, does it feel welcoming? Does the decor align with your brand?
  • Will clients be able to easily find you at this office?

4. The Amenities: Determine if the office culture encourages a growth mentality.
Are there additional resources or networking events hosted by the building to facilitate connections?

  • If you often meet with clients, would you feel comfortable meeting with them at your office or in the shared conference room? What is the policy on reserving a conference room?
  • Do the other tenants align with you professionally? Would you be excited to come into the office every day?
  • Is there a place to warm up your lunch or store your favorite coffee creamer?

Looking for your executive suite?

Whether you’re looking for just an in-expensive place to knock out some work, or a collaborative growth-focused location designed to help you achieve big goals, you must take into consideration what you truly value. Think about what you really value in an executive suite, and you may just find that Liberty Law Suites is the right fit for you.

Liberty Law Suites is part co-working space and part growth-accelerator based in South Tampa, offering a unique combination of ancillary services that are designed to enhance your firm. There are a limited number of private, fully furnished offices available, as well as virtual memberships with access to our two well-appointed conference rooms and flex-use office, educational and networking events, and participation in the Liberty Collective (an advisory board of members). Liberty Law Suites brings entrepreneurship to lawyers and equips attorneys with tools to run the business of law.

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