How to Keep Your Team Engaged in 2022


How to Keep Your Team Engaged in 2022

How to Keep Your Team Engaged in 2022

With the “Great Resignation of 2021” grazing headlines, many organizations are reevaluating their workplace culture and communication strategies. How do you maintain your team’s engagement and ensure everyone is on the same page in 2022? Internal communication, such as an internal newsletter, helps all team members (virtual or in-office) stay in the loop.

What is an Internal Newsletter?

An internal newsletter is a tool for you to communicate, engage, and inspire your team. Strong internal communication creates a ripple effect that consequently improves communication within your team, external partners, and clients. The newsletter should include a round-up of industry news, company announcements, and other essential information that’s important for your team to know.  Logistically, we recommend sending an internal newsletter once a month. Utilize an email marketing tool such as Constant Contact or MailChimp to create a template and automate your communication each month.

Follow the sample layout below to craft your first internal newsletter.

Message Section: Open up your monthly internal newsletter with a note from your firm’s leadership. This section should be used to inspire, communicate updates, or provide foresight on what is to come for the firm.

Seasonal Section: Let’s get fun and festive! In this section, share something beyond your firm that will help build your internal culture. Share your favorite holiday muffin recipe, summer fun beachside restaurant, or a goal-setting practice you swear by to ring in 2022.

Team Spotlight: Keep your team front and center! We are firm believers that if you are thankful for a team member or initiative, it should be communicated. Use this section to share a recent team member’s accomplishment or introduce a new hire.

Industry Event Section: Develop your firm’s local reputation by helping your team plug into your community. Share a charity event, conference coming into town, or a unique networking event.

Trending Industry News Section: The way we do business is rapidly evolving. Is your team up to date? Use this section to spotlight industry news or resources that will help them stay in the loop.

In our ever-evolving hybrid work environment, strong internal communication proves to be imperative. As such, consider including an internal newsletter in your communication strategy this year.


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