A More Perfect Union Of Lawyers

As The Entrepreneur’s Attorney, there is nothing I love more than the integration of law and business.  This passion inspired me to help my fellow lawyers who have an entrepreneurial itch to start and grow their own law firm.  We help you do so by providing a collaborative membership of solo and small firm lawyers, as well as operational assistance from veteran law firm owners and administrators.  If you want to practice law your way, join us at Liberty Law Suites.

• Sheryl Hunter, Founder and CEO

Why Choose Us?

Affordable Office Space:

Not interested in the overhead of a large law firm, over working from home everyday? We offer budget friendly services for those looking to evade the seclusion of a home office, and the noise and lack of confidentiality of a coffee shop.

Business Services:

More than just executive suites, we not only provide our members with a mailroom, printer/copier, phone, and secure internet services, we also facilitate introductions and provide curated resources!

Collaboration and Learning Opportunities:

The variety of disciplines practiced by our members delivers the benefits of working in a firm of dozens of attorneys. Sharing is valued and the collective intellect of the membership is seen as an attribute unique to our Union of like-minded and culturally connected attorneys.

Convenient Location:

Liberty Law Suites is located in South Tampa between the Westshore Business Hub and Downtown Tampa, delivering convenience for our members and their clients.

Curated Resources:

We have selected a wide range of carefully vetted vendors to assist the members of Liberty Law Suites, and have negotiated member-only discounts and benefits.

Free Parking:

Sick of your clients complaining about that tricky downtown parking? Tired of wasting hours of your time getting in and out of those pesky parking garages? Since Liberty Law Suites is located in a professional plaza, parking hassles disappear.

Member Promotion and Referral Opportunities:

Our members recognize that our collective strength is reinforced by internal referrals and that accelerated growth for the membership is a natural result of us taking the time to get to know and promote each other’s services.

Office Space with Benefits Tailored to Lawyers:

Whether you need a dedicated private office or on demand day only access to a private office, our combination of offices and conference rooms maintain confidentiality and personal distancing, and are available to members at rates that are not only competitive but provide a tremendous value.

Professional Environment:

Our suites provide a professional yet collaborative and inviting environment, promoting an atmosphere that allows for welcomed interaction between attorneys, while allowing them to maintain the privacy and confidentiality required by their practices.

Well-Appointed Conference Rooms:

We offer two conference rooms from which to choose; each including seating as per your reservation, a presentation screen and conferencing capabilities. Additionally, we provide snacks, beverages, and basic supplies for every meeting. Each conference room offers natural light, but can be darkened to suit your needs.

“Liberty Law Suites is a great fit for The Farrell Firm. The office is in a great location, and the amenities are perfect for both our real estate title and closing work, and transactional business practice.  Sheryl Hunter and her team have found a unique way to provide smaller firms like mine a platform that puts us on par with much larger firms.  In the past, I struggled to refer clients in legal areas where I don’t practice.  Now I can confidently refer clients to my legal colleagues at Liberty Law Suites.  I am proud to be a founding member of Liberty Law Suites.”

Scott Farrell, Founder of The Farrell Firm, PLLC

“After searching Tampa’s four corners for the right place to co-locate the Lexwerx Law Firm, LLC., I couldn’t find a better place than Liberty Law Suites. When you factor in the quality of the office space, the law office focused support, and location, it simply can’t be beat. I’m excited Lexwerx is a founding member. I’m looking forward to forging collaborative relationships with Liberty Law Suites’ co-members.”

Paul Ferreira, Founder of The Lexwerx Law Firm, LLC

“I’m excited to be a founding member of Liberty Law Suites. In my 14 years of practicing criminal defense and personal injury law, I’ve found great value in collaborative partnerships. I feel that the benefits at Liberty Law Suites, in addition to the interoffice networking and referrals, will provide a wonderful opportunity for me in the legal and business aspects of my practice. I look forward to using this opportunity to grow my practice to its full potential.”

Chris Hersem, Esq., Founder of Hersem Law

“As a solo attorney in the early stages of building my business, I am thrilled to join Liberty Law Suites as a founding member. In the solo practitioner legal landscape, the value of shared resources and collaborative relationships cannot be overstated. Liberty Law Suites is delivering just that. As a Pinellas-based attorney, I will now have the opportunity to better serve my Hillsborough-based clients by scheduling meetings in the common office space or conference rooms if needed. I am confident that *LLS will help grow my professional network and referral sources, while also providing a community of like-minded lawyers with whom I can discuss developments in the law and innovative legal trends.”

George Koulianos, Founder of Koulianos Law

“I’m so thrilled to join as a founding member because I’m confident in the value of the Liberty referral network and collaboration among like-minded lawyers, led by the dynamic Sheryl Hunter.”

Sarah Casey Connolly, Founder of Sarah Connolly Legal

Facilitated Referrals

Member-to-Member referrals


Grow Your Business

Shared office resources and business collaboration allowing you to drive your practice forward


Manage Your Practice

Focus on managing your practice, not your office

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